Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pirate Radio (British Title: The Boat that Rocked) - 2 out of 4 Stars

Who Would Love This Movie: People who like fluffy indie coming of age movies

Best Mood to Walk In With: Relaxed

Don't See This Movie If: You're looking for a heavy hitting plot

Although the movie itself is not bad (so-so, in my opinion), I refuse to write too much about it based on the fact that one scene is intolerable. Although half the plot is focused on the fact that Britain has pretty much outlawed rock-n-roll music, forcing fans to listen to a radio station that is boat-based, the other half of the movie is focused on a young man set on losing his virginity. And although this is not a new story line, it certainly crosses the line in how it is presented.

At one point, a deejay on the boat begins getting intimate with his girlfriend and then turns off the lights to try and trick her into actually having sex with the ingenue virgin. Not only is this scene not funny due to bad execution, but the basic premise is offensive. I'm sick of movies putting disgusting moments like this in films for a cheap laugh (In Observe and Report, Seth Rogen is shown having sex with a drunk girl who is passed out.). What are we teaching people by making these scenes "funny"? Would it be funny if someone tricked your daughter, sister, or female friend into having sex with someone they didn't think was in the room? Obviously not, so why are we making light in film what would be horrifying and illegal in real life?

So Hollywood, clean up your act and stop making violence toward women funny. This is one consumer who is sick of it.

Movies Are Life. ~ K

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