Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Complicated - 4 out of 5 Stars

Who Would Love This Movie: People who liked Something's Gotta Give

Best Mood to Walk In With: More ready for comedy than romance

Don't See This Movie If: You prefer coming of age movies like Juno to movies celebrating middle age
There's nothing complicated about It's Complicated. I found it to be a delight despite mixed reviews from other critics. Maybe it's because I had lower expectations, but I thought this movie was a hoot. If you like Meryl Streep, you won't be disappointed, and it's nice to see Steve Martin doing good comedy again (and not The Pink Panther...ugh!).

Although I don't think Streep will be taking home any Oscar gold for this movie, I do think it is another film in a long list that shows why audiences find her so endearing. Her character is real and her interpretation makes her an every woman. Even as a lady half her age, I could imagine myself in her shoes and so laughed all the harder at the ridiculous situations she found herself in.

Alex Baldwin translates wonderfully from the small screen to the large screen and plays a stereotype much like he does in 30 Rock. And although he gets more time in the movie, it is Steve Martin that stole my heart. It is truly a joy to watch pros like Streep and Martin who make acting appear so effortless that it is truly relaxing to watch. Nancy Myers is certainly not new to this type of film, but this would have been a very mediocre movie without the talent on the other side of the camera.

Keep Your Eyes Open For: John Krasinski finds a natural vehicle for his talent, and a great follow up to Away We Go
Keep You Eyes Closed For: There were a few too many semi-nude Alec Baldwin scenes for me

All in all, this is a funny movie, but could be equally enjoyed from the comfort of you own couch in a few months.

Movies Are Life. ~ K

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