Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Couples Retreat - 3 out of 4 Stars

Who Would Love This Movie: Folks who like typical romantic comedys

Best Mood to Walk In With: Good natured

Don't See This Movie If: You are wanting a more hard core Vince Vaughn comedy-centric movie like Swingers or Old School

Couples Retreat has gotten awful reviews, and although I did not think it lived up to its potential, I did think it was a fun way to relax with some friends. If you're comparing the movie to Old School or Sex and the City, of course it will come up short because those are in an upper echelon of pop-coms or pop-roms. (Yes, I made up those words, but hope you understand their meanings...)

However, when comparing Couples Retreat to the typical trash that comes out, it fares much better than an All About Steve or Imagine That. Which leads to an important question: Why do some reviewers judge a few actors against themselves (Vince Vaughn) and not others (Eddie Murphy). True, Couples Retreat is not something that will be a timeless classic, but it made me giggle even if it was predictable, and it certainly did not deserve the awful reviews it has received.

To play off a comment made in the movie, think of Couples Retreat as a screen saver. It can be really cool and interesting, but it's still a screensaver. This movie has funny and cute parts, but it is still a typical romantic comedy. Nothing too special. And to be honest, that's all I have to say about it.

Feel Free to Go to the Restroom During: the Kristin Davis storyline...any of it
Keep Your Eyes Open For: Vince Vaughn's explanation in the woods about why he prefers married life to single life....it's an "Awww" moment for the ladies

All in all, Couple's Retreat is a completely acceptable rental. And if you need a rom com that's in theaters now, it is the only truly viable option at the moment.

Movies Are Life. ~ K

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