Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Invention of Lying - 2.5 out of 4.0 Stars

Who Would Love This Movie: Folks who liked Ghost Town

Best Mood to Walk In With: Gullible

Don't See This Movie If: You can't stand illogical premises

The Invention of Lying doesn't know if it wants to be social commentary or a romantic comedy. Because of this, the script is disjointed and not thought through enough to be truly clever. While there are moments of humor, overall this movie is a disappointment and not a good vehicle for Ricky Gervais's enormous talents.

If you're like me and cannot buy into a film with gaping plot holes, you will not enjoy this movie. The general interesting idea about society's approach to organized religion is overshadowed by inconsistent logic and bad explanations. It is also fascinating how this film has been packaged as a comedy, when it actually has several quite poignant scenes and an overarching theme that will get the Southern Baptists rioting in the streets.

Although the plot is not the best, Ricky Gervais really gets to showcase his talent in a much broader format than The Office. He is truly moving in this movie, and it is nice to see him in a more full role, even if it is the same bitter, cynical character he always is. Jennifer Garner, however, falls flat in trying to recapture the endearingly charming in her flaws character we saw her play in Juno. However, blame the script which only provides stock female characters who are not very interesting.

Keep Your Eyes Closed For: The contrived scene where Mark delivers the explanation of the Man in the Sky
Keep Your Eyes Open For: The surprisingly tender scene between Mark and his Mom

All in all, if you still really want to see The Invention of Lying, wait til it comes out on video. It's neither inventive nor worth your $11.

Movies Are Life. ~ K

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